About Me

Welcome to 3Ks webpage! My name is Mrs. Heather Kela. I have been teaching 14 years. I have an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education. I also have two master degrees in Reading: Curriculum Instruction, and Reading Specialist. I have taught 6 years as a classroom teacher and 6 years as a Reading Specialist, but the classroom has my heart! I teach Reading, Writing and Social Studies to all the Third Graders at South Elementary.  I love watching my students grow throughout the year into deeper readers, writers and thinkers. Please let me know if there is any way I can help your child or your family this school year! You can contact me by calling the school or emailing me at heather.fagan-kela@somersetschools.org 

Class Schedule

Specials 3K


Specials 3A



I truly believe that every child is a reader! It just takes finding the right book or genre. I encourage your child to read or be read to every night. A comic book, a fiction book, nonfiction book, book about dinosaurs, a book about cooking, a book about bikes...whatever they love! I ask that every student reads one hour a week. This can be done in one day on the weekend, a little every night...whatever works for your family! Please sign the log and make sure it is turned in every Friday. Students are encouraged to read books from home, the library (we will be going as a class once a week), or students can borrow books from our classroom library. 
Students are required to complete their Lexia minutes each week. Students will be given time during stations that they can use to complete their minutes, students can also complete these minutes at home. Students can do more minutes than assigned, that is completely up to them! The program assigns minutes based on the skills mastered by each student. Time varies from 20-60 minutes. If your child is required to complete 60 minutes, I ask that they complete 30 at home. I will provide them with time to complete the other 30 in class. Lexia provides a systematic and structured approach to six areas of reading: phonological awareness, phonics, structural analysis (recognizing meaningful parts of multisyllabic words), automaticity, vocabulary and comprehension. Each child moves at their own pace and will be retaught any concepts that the child is struggling mastering. I am also notified when a child is struggling and will work with the child in a small group to further assist the child. Student login and password can be found on the inside of the student's agenda. 
I will be assigning activities on PeasonRealize from time to time. Students need internet access to complete these activities. They can use station time in school, to complete these activities, or complete them at home. If it is in their agenda, please check in with your child to ensure he/she has completed the assignment. Student login and password can be found on the inside of the student's agenda. 
Our writing projects are directly linked to our reading lessons. This helps students recognize the connections between reading and writing. All writing will be done in class. I will send home final drafts that your child completes. I will also send home papers that I have reviewed with a check plus, check, or check minus. If your child received a check minus, they will meet in a small group with me to review the activity. You will be amazed at how much your child will grow as a writer this year! There is no homework in writing. 
Social Studies- 
In Third Grade we focus on Massachusetts history. Students love learning about their home state! We will have a test after every unit, and a few quizzes throughout the year. I will send home a study guide before every test and quiz so students have the opportunity to begin learning study habits, as well as have the tools to be successful on their tests. I promise there are no surprises :) 

School Supply List

School Supplies for 3rd Grade

1 yellow one subject notebook
1  folder of each color: yellow, blue, green, red
1 composition book
1 box of 12 colored pencils
1 box of 24 crayons
1 pair of student scissors
4 glue sticks
2 boxes of pencils and a continuous supply throughout the year
3 ring pencil pouch (soft, not hard) 
Please bring all supplies the first day of school. 
Wish List-
clorox wipes
paper towels